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Content Advisory

Please give consideration to your audiences when sharing In A Different Key.

In general, the film is not appropriate for children younger than 13.


Additionally, certain material may not be suitable for all audiences, or merit a note advising viewer discretion. These include:

- brief depiction of an autistic man handled roughly by police (in full film and 

         vignette titled "Police (mis)Communication")

- brief footage of children in distress, including historical medical treatments 

         (in full film and vignette titled "Wrong Ideas: Blaming Mothers")

- reference to suicide ideation (in full film and vignette titled  "Bullying PG-13")

- an explicit reference to intimate sex (in full film and vignette titled

      "Bullying PG-13")

Please note that the vignette on Bullying offers a version amended to remove the

reference to sex. A similarly amended version of the full film can be accessed here.

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