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Thank you for your purchase of In A Different Key
The Documentary Toolkit
for Autism Understanding

Step 1
Creating your permanent login credentials

Begin by clicking here, which will take you another page,
centered on an image that should look
 like this.

   (Do not be concerned if the price shown is different from the fee you agreed to. This is for demonstration)

Once there, click on "Select" inside the green button. 
This will take you to a new page, where you should see the words
"Sign Up". It looks like this.   

Here you enter an email address and password that you choose.
That's it! You have created your permanent  login credentials.*
This is now your organization's login, to be shared with those within
the organization whom you authorize  (but not outside it).

Step 2
Using the Proof of Purchase Coupon Code

Staying on the same page, ignore the credit card section (you are fully paid) and look for the box on the right side. with the field that says "Enter a Coupon Code. That is where you enter the Proof of Purchase Coupon Code. 
(The code is expired after one use. You do not need to keep a record of it).

Finally, check the box that says "I've read and accept the plan policy"
and the  button that says "Get Plan." The "plan" is your subscription,
                                                                       which  is now yours to
                                                                   put to your best use.
                                                                    Your starting point is:
      Congratulations, and
 once again, thank you!   
(It is recommended to keep this page open while following these steps for reference)

You have paid in full to license the Toolkit. Now you need to complete two brief steps
to acquire full access to the Toolkit for your organization. In step one, you create your permanent login credentials. In step two, you use your unique of Proof of Purchase Coupon Code that confirms your subscription payment is complete.  (After this single use, the code is expired).

*NOTE: As the login will be shared within your organization, consider NOT using a personal email address in the ID. An alternative like “” may be more appropriate.

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